Managing Email Signatures

HelpSpot offers a number of ways to manage your email signatures. Depending on the needs of your organization, these may be used individually or in combination.More

Custom Where SQL Conditions

A word of warning up front. Custom where conditions are an advanced feature and potentially dangerous to your installation if not used properly. So let’s learn how to use them!More

The New Search Engine

Have you ever searched for a request, but just couldn’t find it? You knew the words used in the request, but no matter what variation you tried, your search came up dry! We certainly did, and so we set out to improve search in HelpSpot.More

HelpSpot Automation Explained

Over the last decade of developing HelpSpot, we’ve added a number of ways to automate the system. Automation lets you work faster, get the right tickets to the right people at the right time, and can remove some of the manual aspects of working customer support.More

The Exclamation Point

Most of the customer support we do these days takes place through email. While email has many amazing traits, properly conveying meanings and emotions is certainly not one of them.More

A Guide to Support Ticket Categorization

Categories are the basic building blocks used to organize your help desk. Choosing the wrong categorization strategy will have repercussions throughout your help desk, from inefficiencies in assigning requests to inability to accurately report on the types of requests you’re receiving.More

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Take a deep breath and repeat after me. “Everyone makes mistakes. My customers will make mistakes. I will make mistakes. And that’s okay.” Doesn’t it feel better to just say that?More