Adding Public History to HelpSpot Emails

When communicating with customers through email in HelpSpot, HelpSpot sends the individual message to the customer along with a link to view their complete request history in the customer portal. However, in some applications you may want to send the complete history of a request to the customer with each reply. More

Using HelpSpot While Moving to Remote Work

As more organizations look to enable remote work for their teams, software tools often need to evolve to meet their needs. At Userscape, we have been a remote team from the beginning and HelpSpot has been developed with remote teams in mind. In this article, we’ll cover some of the software features and workflows that we find helpful while navigating the management of a distributed team.More

Automatically Subscribing and Unsubscribing Users

HelpSpot now supports the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe users through triggers, automations and mail rules. This new functionality allows for greater flexibility when setting up notification workflows in HelpSpot.

HelpSpot Mobile App Update

The companion app for HelpSpot has allowed users to quickly check in on requests and make updates while on the go. Now, we are rolling out even more features in the HelpSpot app that will make it even more useful for HelpSpot users.More

Tools in HelpSpot to Prepare for GDPR

The new GDPR regulations in the European Union mean new data handling and processing requirements for many of our customers. Without the proper tools many of these tasks are cumbersome and labor intensive. At HelpSpot we’ve released a set of tools to make it easier for your organization to gain proper data gathering consent from your customers and respond to customer requests regarding data in HelpSpot.More

Introduction to Customizing Email Templates

Email templates are what control the look and formatting of every email that’s sent out of HelpSpot. We have a number of different email templates, and each one has a specific use inside of HelpSpot. Some of the most commonly used templates are “Staff Notifications” and “Public Notes to Customers.” More

Building a Followup Automation in HelpSpot

You may want to delay certain actions or requests in HelpSpot till a specific date when action is needed. In this tutorial we’re going to build a custom field and automation that allows HelpSpot to automatically reopen requests on a given date.More

Share Your Expertise with the HelpSpot Community

At HelpSpot, we want our community members to have the opportunity to teach (and learn from!) one another. We have recently made changes to the HelpSpot blog, and today, we invite you to join us as a guest contributor!More