Limiting Team Permissions in HelpSpot

Often departments need to keep their requests separate both for privacy reasons and to keep operations and request organization clear. In this article we’ll walk through the steps to set up two separate departments in the same HelpSpot instanceMore

Auto Closing Requests in HelpSpot

Having resolved requests remain open in your helpdesk clutters your workspace and skews your reporting. Often times you may be waiting on a reply from a customer that never ends up responding. Today, I’ll show you an easy way to automatically close these requests and get to the requests that need your attention.More

What To Do When You are Out of the Office

Making sure that nothing falls through the cracks while staff are out of the office can be complicated. HelpSpot includes tools that can make this task easier for you and clearer to your customers.More

The Path to Delightenment: The 5 Fundamentals of Exceptional Customer Service

By now, you’ve heard how bad customer service can cost businesses billions of dollars each year. You’ve probably heard that bad customer service is a leading reason why customers take their business to competitors. You’ve definitely heard that the customer is always right. So… we’re not going to talk about all of those points anymore.More

Keyboard Shortcuts in HelpSpot

Keyboard shortcuts can be an incredible time saver. This quick guide will show you some common shortcuts that can speed up your workflow in HelpSpot.More