Share Your Expertise with the HelpSpot Community

At HelpSpot, we’ve learned a tremendous amount from our customers about how they provide great customer service, operate efficiently, and manage their businesses successfully.

Now, we want our community members to have the opportunity to teach (and learn from!) one another.

Our team has recently made changes to the HelpSpot blog. And today, we invite you to join us as a guest contributor!

Introducing Guest Author Opportunities

We’re rolling out a new format that allows our customers, as well as other business and technology experts, to share their knowledge with the HelpSpot community and help our readers solve their business problems.

Customer service-related articles are always of interest, but we’re interested in other business topics, too. Consider topics such as…

  • lead generation

  • management

  • advertising

  • marketing

  • communication

  • human resources

  • accounting

  • e-commerce…

…If it’s a program a business faces, we’re interested in your solutions.

Industry-specific articles are desired! Tell us about how you tackled an issue that others in your specific industry may face.

We Know… Change Can Be Scary

Worried about the blog and authors you were used to?

I’m not going anywhere, and neither are the support engineers at HelpSpot. You’ll still hear from us as we roll out product updates and make announcements. I’ll continue sharing my own tips and tricks, as well. All new blog posts will continue to be shared in any email updates you currently receive.

How to Submit Your Content Ideas

Think you or someone you know would make a great contributor to the HelpSpot blog? Check out our contributor guidelines. Individuals interested in contributing can submit article ideas at any time.

We look forward to sharing your experiences and advice with the HelpSpot community!