HelpSpot 5.0.61

If you are upgrading from version 4.x you need to make sure you have upgraded to version 4.9.5 before upgrading.

Potentially Breaking Changes Upgrading From Version 4

  • Read through the upgrade documentation found here before continuing as there are a number of major changes.
  • Forums have been removed. HelpSpot will provide an export option and we recommend moving forums to one of the many purpose-built forum platforms. Here at Userscape we use Discourse (
  • Tokens in templates and responses are now delimited by double “{“ characters. Existing responses and templates will be automatically converted. However, if you are using an external text macro tool, for example, you may need to make updates.
  • Admin Themes have been removed and have been replaced with custom admin JS and CSS settings.
  • Custom portal templates need to be updated


  • Added redirect for deep links when using SAML authentication
  • Add env option for skipping collecting mail in the scheduler.

Bug Fixes

  • Dark mode improvements for KB modal
  • Changed background on active reporting tags in dark mode
  • Remove MySQL version check when showing search tips
  • Fixed direct links to request history items
  • Corrected issue with checkbox changes being recorded in request history when not changes in MSSQL installations
  • Instant reply is now parsed properly in the note history.
  • Added helper configs for linux installation
  • Fixed issue with character set in Mail Rule conditions.
  • Fixed MySQL backup and restore on Windows bundled mysql upgrades.